rotary valves - TBMA

TBMA has a wealth of experience and manufacture the most extensive range of high quality rotary valves and blowing seals available. TBMA, through Lime Systems - Bulk Storage Solutions can supply rotary valves to suit your requirements. All units can be supplied with circular or rectangular inlet and discharge flanges or a combination of both. The heavy duty models, designated H have an optional Tungsten Carbide bore lining with replaceable hardened steel rotor blades and air purged lantern ring shaft sealing. For less arduous duties the R & M ranges offer lower cost whilst retaining the quality TBMA is renowned for. For light duty, the model S is available where low pressure differential sealing is required that does not warrant the cost of heavier and more expensive units.


Horizontal Metering Valve Type HZ - Special Duty

A totally different rotary valve

Horizontal metering valves can be used for continuous, controlled discharge and dosing of virtually all products stored in silos or hoppers. Horizontal rotary valves combine a large inlet area with a relatively small rotor volume. Even poor flowing products susceptable to bridging and rat holes can be discharged accurately and at high rates by fitting specially designed agitators to the vertical rotor shaft.