Olds Elevators

The Old’s Elevator is a revolutionary new concept for vertically elevating numerous typesof bulk materials. With only one moving part – the outer rotating casing – the material is collected and efficiently elevated to the discharge point. Smoothand quiet in operation, the unit is able to infinitely vary the delivery rate from 0 to 100% of RPM and therefore become a very accurate metering device. The rotating casing has two pick up scoops at the base which collect the product and admit it to the static screw inside the casing with centrifugal force keeping the product against the inner wall and the material is elevated as more product is admitted to the base. Adjustable guides centralize the rotating casing which is mounted in a bearing situated in close proximity to the drive.

Advantages– simple design with only one moving part requires a low spares inventory, and low maintenance costs. Differing materials can be elevated without segregation. Noiseless in operation. Metering capability if driven by a VVVF controller. Very small footprint enables easy retrofit in existing plants. All bearings are external and have no contact with the product. No dust generation due to themethod of operation.

Materials handled – Foundry Sand, Casting Sand, Sugar, Coal, Flocculant, Fertilizer, Beans, Rice, Plastic pellets, Stockfeed pellets, Iron Ore lump and fines, Nickel concentrate, Hydrated lime, Quicklime, Flour, Wheat, Cement, SMBS, CMC and viscous slurries such as molasses.