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The OLDS static screw ELEVATOR is a revolutionary NEW method for vertically elevating bulk materials.

OLDS ELEVATORS have only one moving part and as the casing rotates bulk material is picked up and efficiently elevated vertically. Smooth and quiet in operation, the metered delivery rate is infinitely controllable from zero to many hundred RPM with the variable speed drive. Olds Elevators can gently lift even fragile and difficult to handle materials without damaging the equipment or material.

Industry experts are hailing this vertical bulk conveyor as breakthrough technology and with working examples in numerous countries and repeat orders this technology is sure to be the new leader for elevated conveying of bulk materials. This is not just another screw elevator…

.As the screw casing is the only rotating component, and centrifugal force keeps the contained product against the inner wall, there is very little sliding movement vertically. Material in contact with the stationary screw also has minimal velocity due to the screws position in the centre of the casing. The result is substantially reduced wear of components due to abrasion.

Advantages Include:

Simple design – low maintenance costs. No linkages, chains, sprockets, blowers, buckets or compressors to worry about servicing or replacing.

No segregation of differing size particles. Mixtures with varying particle bulk densities ranging from 160 to 1440 kg/m3 can be elevated with no measurable segregation. In fact materials with bulk densities up to 4500 kg/m3 have been elevated with no problems.

All bearings are external This means your product only comes into contact with the intake scoops, casing and the screw.

Rapid clean-out Optionally, reversing the casings rotation will empty the column completely in a matter of seconds.

Minimal floor space required A screw with a 90Deg elevation will require no more than 1 sq. metre of floor space.

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